Lee Corey Oswald

The Lee Corey Oswald band was one of the first bands I had the chance to photo at this years Nashville warped tour after a long afternoon of interviews and no shows for interviews.

They opened their set with a really great cover of Weezer  “Say It Ain’t So”  one of my personal favorite Weezer tracks. If I’m wrong about that Weezer song they played please “Say It Ain’t So”  The remainder of their performance showcased the bands original songs that can be found on the band’s  debut release ‘Regards’

I saw band has Lee Ellis the lead vocalist/singer and Corey Ciresi on drums but no Oswald. This got me wondering if there was an oswold at some time in the band and he/she was lost in the move from the bands home state of Pennsylvania to Portland. Perhaps if they read this they will answer me.

I enjoyed the bands full set list and energy show on stage. Their sound is something I would listen to in my everyday life. The music has got a worthy grove, high quality guitar work. Lee Corey Oswald they were really entertaining to watch.

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Check out photos from there Nashville warped tour show below

Lee Corey Oswald Bio:

What do you get when you take a classical music teacher, a philosophy student, a nanny/barber, and a professional poker player and stick them in a house in Northeast Portland? No, it’s not a house of mid-20’s retirees nor is it a Portlandia Skit. It’s the up-and-coming indie/punk quartet Lee Corey Oswald.

The band got their start in the vibrant and vivacious punk scene of Scranton PA, alongside bands such as Title Fight, Tigers Jaw, and The Menzingers, before relocating to Portland, OR in 2009. Though they inevitably drew influence from the laid back elements of a West Coast lifestyle and the indie/folk scene of Portland, their sound never shook that sense of emotional urgency and intensity that is so familiar with bands out of the Northeast.

After releasing a split with Scranton/Philly’s Three Man Cannon in the winter of 2012 the band toured the U.S., sharing the stage with The Lawrence Arms, Titus Andronicus, Title Fight, The Menzingers, La Dispute, Pianos Become the Teeth, Broadway Calls, Touche Amore and The Sidekicks among others.

Lee Corey Oswald’s debut release ‘Regards’, is out now on No Sleep Records. Follow the band now athttps://www.facebook.com/LeeCoreyOswald for additional news and updates.