Wayland Interview & Album Review

Wayland Interview & Album Review

Wayland was on the Revelator #16 and I welcome them back to Revelator #224. Phillip Vilenski the lead guitarist stops in to talk about the band’s new album, touring and we also get an exclusive cameo of Gladiator 3,000

 Wayland released their debut full length album "Rinse & Repeat" with Mighty Loud / InGrooves on September 22nd.  

The first single “Through The Fire" is featured on this episode of Revelator

Wayland consists of Mitch Arnold (vocals), Phillip Vilenski (guitars), Dean Pizzazz (bass) and Nigel Dupree (drums).

The band had previously self-released 2010's self-titled album, a 2012 EP (Welcome To My Head) and several singles (2015's Bloody Sunrise, 2014's Get A Little, 2013's Reno).

You can also check out the band’s latest for https://youtu.be/k-umDKKUDmM  (Shopping For A Savior)

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Reviewer: James The Juke Wilson.

The Juke loves spreading the word about unsigned & independent music. Juke also writes music reviews for @IndieBandGuru & @AppetizerRadio.

2012 saw the band Wayland unleash their EP 'Welcome to My Head' onto the world. With it, they showcased their classic rock sound that was filled with infectious hooks, stunning vocals and killer riffs. Determined to spread the word about what they had created, Mitch Arnold (lead vocals/guitar), Phillip Vilenski (lead guitar/vocals), Dean Pizzazz (bass/vocals) and Nigel Dupree (drums/vocals) hit the road. 5 years later with over 500 shows under their belt, they return with their new album ‘Rinse & Repeat’.

This collection of songs shows that the time on the road has been good for them. Not only have they become a stronger band of brothers, but they have used this time to hone their songwriting skills by producing their best work to date. Each track has this genuine feel which is a credit to how the band as a whole love and believe in what they do.

As rock albums go, this one has the perfect balance of full throttle guitar-driven anthems and a much softer sound. For example ‘The Brave don't Run’ comes at you with thunderous beats and killer riffs. On the opposite end of the spectrum you get the ballad-esc ‘All We Had’. Then in the middle, they mix it up with the southern rock anthem ‘Shopping for a Savior’ which features Mitch at his best on vocals. It does not matter what they deliver, they give it all 100%.

(shopping for a savior video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KEqbbi1eaY)

When it comes to the lyrics, these guys know how to hook you in and get you singing along. The two tracks that stand out from the album do so for this reason (and a few more). ‘Come Back to Me’ has rock anthem written all over it and will no doubt be a huge hit during their live shows. ‘Follow’ shows off a different side to the band as they deliver a more acoustic driven song. Musically and vocally it offers a delicate feel with a chorus that if infectious as its sound.

Overall, ‘Rinse & Repeat’ is an impressive release will have you singing along before you know it, and when it ends, will leave you thirsty for more. To hear more from Wayland, then head over to their Spotify and Soundcloud pages to listen to the album in full. To purchase a digital copy of ‘Rinse & Repeat’ then you can do so from Amazon or iTunes. Physical copies can be found at their store (click HERE).

Wayland are a band that are going from strength to strength. They will continue to create new music and share it with the world, including live shows. To find out when these will happen, head over to their website at WaylandtheBand.com. Alternatively, find them on their socials at FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Remember, great music like this needs to be heard by the world. So help do your part and tell everyone about Wayland TODAY!


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