Throw The Fight

Throw The Fight

Ryan Baustert from Throw The Fight makes his return to the Revelator show for the first time since episode #29.

Ryan Baustert the guitarist form the band Throw The Fight joins me on Revelator #160 to discuss the band’s latest release “Transmissions”. The album if the first album released by Throw The Fight since their hiatus nearly three years ago. Ryan and I talk about the bands new singe and video for Don’t Let Me Down”. We also talk about the bands growing sound and the vibe during the writing process. Ryan talks about this being the heaviest music the band has written. He mentions having so much material to work with while working on this album. The band had written over 25 songs and had to filter them down for this album. Ryan also indicates that the band is willing to get back to recording and release more material later in the year.

The album Transmissions title is an indication of the bands current sound and where they are as musicians.

The band will be doing a handful of shows with Trapt and a few local headlining shows. The options are open and Throw The Fight.

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