The Soul Shakers Interview & Photos

The Soul Shakers Interview & Photos

Brett Hellings from The Soul Shakers joins me on Revelator #185 to discuss the bands formation on the sunset strip in LA to the bands formation and move to Nashville.

Brett and I talk about Chris Robinson, Black Crowes The heart and soul of Rock’n’roll, Nashville music scene, great venues and the bands move to Nashville. Brett and I know a few of the same people here in town including the guys from The Tip.

Brett and I also talk about name change from the Free Wheelers and discovering “The Soul Shakers” Brett even gives us a little acoustic vocal sampling

The Soul Shakers are one of those bands that seemingly have come out of nowhere. In an age, where the lines of music are blurred and everything is automatically defined by genre/sub-genre, comparison or cornered into a media-contrived box, make no mistake - The Souls Shakers personify what true Rock ‘N’ Roll is. Their repertoire and live shows are guaranteed to shake your very soul and strike a nerve, regardless of your musical tastes.


The band chose the track “Here To Have A Good Time” as their debut video, which was shot in and about their old Los Angeles stomping grounds with director Shane Drake.

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These photos were taken on 1/7/2017 at The High Watt in Nashville, TN.

The Soul Shakers would bring their soulful, ass shaking blue rock style to The High Watt on a bitter cold Nashville night.  Things got hot with Brett the founder and lead vocalist leading the way. I dare you to not dance and have a good time when seeing this band play. Look for big things coming from the Soul Shakers! Feel it deep in your heart and let it out. That feeling is rock and roll! The Soul Shakers will cut loose and bring it out of you even if you did not think you had it in you.