The Dead Deads For Your Obliteration CD Release Show Featuring Lzzy Hale and Joe Storm.

The Dead Deads For Your Obliteration CD Release Show Featuring Lzzy Hale and Joe Storm.

The Dead Deads For Your Obliteration CD Release Show Featuring Lzzy Hale and Joe Storm.

The Dead Deads coming fresh off a tour with 90’s rock power house Bush and Chevelle. Their second album titled “For Your Obliteration” produced by Page Hamilton (Helmet). The album officially released on August 26th and has caught the attention of many in the music community including Slipknot front-man Corey Taylor who labeled it “Album of the Year” worthy.

So the stage was set for an epic storm on a hot, muggy Saturday night at a venue in Nashville called The Basement. The Dead Corp would line up all the way through the parking lot, into the side street behind the venue. Many new and long times Dead Corp were in attendance including  Silky Dead, Captain Dead, Silly Dead, Ask Dead, including myself Yeti Dead. There were many others so if you’re reading this and have a dead name please leave it in the comments below. Daisy Dead was out signing ‘My Name Is” (Insert Dead Name Here) convention stickers and placing them on those in line. I still don’t know how she remembers all the names but she does. #WhatsYourDeadName

I can’t recall the last time I was ever this excited to attend a concert. I wrote several months ago about my belief in The Dead Deads power and ability to capture something that only happens a few times in a generation of music. It’s a movement, and a feeling.  It’s that new, refreshing music given to others to absorb and hear. The Dead Deads have that type of polarizing, magnetic power. It comes from the aliens. XX

The Basement was packed, the energy, the obeisance, the summer sauna was on. The temperature was hot outside and inside was about to get even hotter. Lzzyfer Dead & Ripper Dead better known to many as Lzzy Hale and Joe Storm from Halestorm. Lzzy and Joe would perform an acoustic mix of Halestorm favorites.

 Lzzyfer and Ripper Dead had an X over each eye to represent The Dead Deads.

Lzzy was teasing Joe about his XX makeup running. She laughed and said “if I had nickel for every time Joe wore makeup I’d have zero nickels”

Lzzy would later tease Joe because he kept switching guitars and plugs. Joe” I’m sorry I put it in the wrong hole” Lzzy “If I had a nickel for every time I heard that

See all the photos from this performance

See all the photos from this performance

As the set went on Lzzy would break out a hand written lyric sheet containing “Concrete Blonde”  “Joey” lyrics , then Daisy Dead and Billy Dead the most kick ass rhythm section of the Dead Deads would accompany them on stage for the performance.

Later on Lzzy told a great story about meeting Meta Dead on an airplane writing lyrics in magic marker. “Remember those ones you could smell as a kid?” Then Meta Dead joined Lzzyfer and Ripper Dead for a captivating and powerful version of “Bad Girls World”.

After a short break The Dead Deads chant was on and Meta, Hella, Betty, Billy and Daisy would take the stage in front of the Dead Corp.

For Your Obliteration ladies and gentleman, The Dead Deads!

The ladies jump started the set with The Lonely Sound from their first album Rainbeau. When you ask some kids what they want to be when they grow up, many say “I want to be an Astronaut”. I say dream big and bring your suit case to the moon. The Dead Deads have taken the leap, a giant step for alien kind? We’re hanging out by the beach watching the waves and the boys in shorts. Maybe playing some volley ball or water sports. Sun drops and sunsets Honeysuckle Sam for all I am, no insecurities with my toes in the sand.

(Meta Dead said “when they played a SXSW showcase that the band should never play Honeysuckle Sam to open a showcase show”)

It was hot inside the Basement and during the dog days of summer nothing quenches your thirst like an ice cold Lemonade. You’ve got to do something with this pain; don’t let the worry be so huge, Super Tiny can cure your blues.

There is unrest all over these days, no fast solution to fix some things or some ways. This Vending Machine Gun show, drop the quarter, nickel and dime, pull the lever, maybe its B29? Dispense the message not cruel or unkind. We Are Kings a signature and time, punk rock style even the Animals know your names ‘The Dead Corp” is rocking nothing will feel the same. Come along, come again .I’m telling this story from beginning to end, Nope, I won’t tell it for a second time. Sharing in a letter or a song Symphony Sex, should I wear the gimp mask or a thong?

(Meta Dead “I love that so many of you already know the words to these songs already”)

Waiting for what seems like forever, you’re here, and I here. The thoughts are not a crime, presumed innocent and the plea deal that could have been mine. Save the love a Murder Ballad for all to share. Strangled, choked, I’ll keep a lock of your hair. Don’t call it a crush, or a lustful thrill, its True Love, have I taken my pills? Dr.Yankem what’s the diagnosis? Headcase visions, tell me again about the admissions.  may I have another prescription please? Can I leave my protective head gear at home? Pyre Rats, smoked distilled rabid bats. Yeah, I’ve had that drink oh, Blackout, Blackout I can’t recall, give me a minute so I can think.

The Dead Deads have something, it’s genuine. They are a band. They’ve made up some new songs and it’s For your Obliteration!

This show was one of those shows you’ll bring up years from now and say, Yeah, man I was there for that! It was amazing! Followed by, Man I wish I could have been there for that.



The Dead Deads

The Dead Deads