Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart

Mixi the lead vocalist and James the drummer from the band Stitched Up Heart join me on Revelator #169 while touring through the Nashville area for the second time in about two months.

Mixi shares some personal stories regarding her ups and downs with getting sober. She also talks about her thorough and long writing process for the band first major debut album “Never Alone” set for Release June 17th, 2016.

Mixi talks about the addition to James into the band and the impact it had on her and James also speaks to the impact it had on him as well.

Stitched Up Heart talks about the bands growth both personally and musically. The band changed so much that they even thought about changing the name of the band before the release. James also talks about the band growing up as song writers and as professionals.

Mixi talks about the bands supporting role and how they love being in that role.

Mixi and James play along on my Twitter hash tag game. Hillary and Bernie Duets not Hillary and Bernie do it… Nice try one that one James. Maybe a new Hash tag #BernieandHillaryDoIt.

The band also has a new single out “Event Horizon” and on this episode you’ll hear the single “Monsters”.

Stitched Up Heart have been true to them self’s as a band and to their fans. They also donate a % of their merch ales to the kitten fund.

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Stitched Up Heart Concert Photos

Stitched Up Heart Concert Photos