Slipknot Concert Photos

Slipknot Concert Photos

Slipknot would return to Nashville for the first time in nearly two year, the first show of the tour featuring one of my all time favorites Marilyn Manson.

Despite having neck surgery only weeks ago, front man Corey Taylor would embrace the crowd and take the stage with a low back lighting illuminating him. Slipknot would start the show off with “The Negative One”, “Disasterpiece” and “Eyeless”.

If you’ve not seen Slipknot live before and you’re a fan of heavy metal, I have to ask what the hell, are you waiting for.

Slipknot would ravage the audience with massive riffs and outstanding showman ship from the band collectedly. They played a large sample of songs including “Pulse Of The Maggots” “Left Behind” “The Devil And I” “Everything Ends” and a massive favorite from 1999! Corey Taylor said”you want to go back to 1999 with me? You crazy mother fuckers! ” Wait And Bleed” would close the set.

Slipknot would come out for an encore but before they did they played the Tiger Lillies song “Hell”. A nice ditty to get you in the mood for something unrelenting and brutal! Slipknot closed out a great night of music with “Surfacing”, “Duality” and “Spit It Out”