Scattered Hamlet

Scattered Hamlet

I had the chance to speak with Adam Joad from the band Scattered Hamlet who appear on Revelator # 176 to discuss the bands new single and album titled “Swap Rebel Machine” set for release this fall.

Adam and I also talk about WWE wrestling and the stone cold stunner. Oh Hell Yeah!

Adam and I also discuss the maze that is satellite and FM radio for bands trying to get air play. We also get into a light hearted talk about the culture and chance in pop music and its overall lack of substance.

Scattered Hamlet hired Jason Donaghy to produce the album. Jason has worked with Rob Zombie, John 5 and many others.

Adam and I talk about the single and the bands new video for Swamp Rebel Machine and the overall growth of the band. If you like straight up hard rock Scattered Hamlet is serving it up scattered, covered and smothered!

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