Revel 9

Revel 9

I first met DJ Pearlman form Revel 9 back in March of 2014 when he first appeared on Revelator #52 while on the old network.

DJ and I talked about the bands history and at the time their album the Razor Blade Diaries. Revel-9 is back in full swing and this time with a brand new single “ What It Is“ and album “Reality Crush”.

DJ when asked about the new release and the future of REVEL 9 Pearlman says “We are going for something very specific. We need to capture the intensity of the hard rock bands that we love, but still be able to get the songs across to the listener, and we've done that. The material is good; there is no denying that at this point. Now it’s only a matter of whether people like it or not, and we’re OK with that.” Adding, “It’s the most powerful and fulfilling album we could make and we know it.

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