Puscifer Photos and Interview

Puscifer Photos and Interview

The photos in this gallery were taken on 11/5/2016 in Nashville, TN.

Many bands put on a concert, Puscifer however puts on an epic performance. Puscifer live is, provoking, humorous, seductive, and enlightening.

The band lead by Carina Round and Maynard James Keenan presented a captivating production, not only from a visually stand point but musically showcased a precision of peak quality. Puscifer live is a can't miss. It's a sure thing to behold, It's a performance. The #Moneyshot of the musical world if you would please.

For the gentleman on the bull horn this song is for you - Maynard James Keenan.


Revelator Ryan.

I had the opportunity to talk with Mat Mitchell from Puscifer on Revelator #137. Mat and I talk about the bands new album “set for release Oct. 30th. Money Shot, the third full-length emission from perennially sardonic alterna-sunstrokers Puscifer, is their boldest statement to date — a mix of the snaky and the snarky, a slow grind where blissful harmonies rub up against ill-angled industrial rhythms.
"I don't really know how else to talk about it other than it's more," says creative ringleader Maynard James Keenan, best known as vocalist for the exploratory rock bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. "It really is kind of a culmination of all the things I've been exposed to and inspired by over the years. That combination of the digital programming combined with that acoustic element of the harmonies.... It’s trying to find that actual pulse, that breath of life within the digital landscape — and then just going ahead and bringing it in for real.

Mat and I also talk about the bands touring line up and his first meeting with Maynard. Mat and I also talk about the bands unique live performance but Mat didn’t want to reveal too much on what you’ll see live from Puscifer.

Mat and I also talk about the bands touring line up and his first meeting with Maynard among many other things.

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