Last Bullet

Last Bullet

Bryan from Last Bullet joins me on Revelator #162 to discuss the band’s latest video for ‘SIN” and the challenges recording it. Bryan also hares some back story regarding the location of the video.

Bryan and I also dig into the bands history including his audition for the band. The song “Can’t Move On” was the first song he wrote lyrics and sang with Last Bullet. Bryan also mentions Last Bullet’s plans for future releases and singles coming for 2016 into 2017 including some tracks the band is crafting during their live performances.

Throughout the interview Bryan and I share some funny moments about the stink face, bar tabs, casual sexual encounters and news channels tonight at 11 liners.

You can also read Bryan’s amazing review of Filter’s new album”Crazy Eyes”



I encourage you to check out Last Bullet’s new video and single “SIN

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