Kyng Interview

Kyng Interview

Pepe the drummer from Kyng joined me on Revelator #189 to discuss the bands recent album “Breathe In The Water” and touring with Clutch.

Pepe talks about the amazing time being on the road with Clutch and the great reception the band received during the show. Pepe and I also talk about mirroring Clutch in the regard to touring, playing live and writing quality music regardless of what the norm may be.

Kyng as a band shows its growth as song writers and Pepe talks about the process and how the band was able to craft a fine and precise album.

Pepe talks about working with guest musicians from Rise Against and Baroness and the ability of these guests to help the band break through during a brief writing block while recording.

Pepe also plays the always fun and awkward #Hashtag game. #HulkHogan #FruityPebbles #ElectionDay. Along with having some fun on the show Pepe and I also dig into the early days of Kyng and him getting out voted on the band name “A Horse Called War”

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