Into The Fire Interview

Into The Fire Interview

Bryan Scott from Into The Fire joins me on Revelator #187 to discuss the bands formation. Bryan shares a few stories about working with bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL). Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence) was brought in on drums soon after. Here you have Into The Fire.

Bryan who is better known for his work in the late 90’s and early 2000’s as the founder and vocalist for “The Union Underground” was able to rekindle that evolved sound with the latest self titled  EP  ‘Into The Fire”.

The bands first single “Spit You Out” showcases Bryans raw power and deep growl that sets him apart from many in the hard rock community.

Bryan also hinted that the band has more material coming soon and should be out sometime in 2017 with plans to do some touring pending the schedule of his other bands mates and their others bands.

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