Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones

The founder and lead singer Patrick Anthony joins me on Revelator #169 to talk about the band Debut album “Lionheart”.

Patrick and I also talk about different influences from his parents like Charlie Daniels.

Before the band name Hollow Bones they had been playing for over a month before coming up with hollow bones. At one point the band name almost ended up being “Stone Heart”

Sharon the guitarist/ vocalist of the band are featured on the bands newest single “Altruistic Lung” and the idea of falling for someone and your anxiety of feeling not good enough.

Patrick and I also talk a little about the hit TV series Game of Thrones and where we see the series heading late into its 6th season. “For what is dead may never die” “The night is dark and full of terror”

As we head into the long days of summer we talk about getting use to doing interviews.

Patrick and I also talk about the new Ghost Busters, millennial and a host of other things.

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