The Dead Deads sat down with Helmet who appears on Revelator #148 to discuss some really great topics including work on a new album. Page Hamilton hinted that the album was nearly done and would also include a few covers.

The real question is what do you do when a shitty band says they love Helmet? Helmet is what many consider legends in the rock and metal world and major influences by some of the biggest acts in the last 25 years or more.

You can also check out a live show review and live concert photos from last Aug. 2014. These were some of my really early concert photos.

There Photos were taken on August, 12th at the Exit In located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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 Helmet review 2014:

I arrived in Nashville at the Exit In, to a good sized line waiting to get into the venue. I met up with Steven and Javier, from “The Nearly Dead’s”, to catch the Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop D!! Featuring Local H, Helmet, and Filter!

Remember to always wear safety gear with handling heavy objects! Wow! Helmet was outstanding! Some of the most underrated guitar riffs and grooves you’ll ever hear from a band! The last time I saw Hemet was in Cleveland, Ohio in 1998 at the old Odien in the Flats! I paid $1 to see them! It was the Buzzard Buck show done by WMMS the iconic radio station during that time!

With seeing Helmet all these years later, it was a reminder of days gone by. Page Hamilton is the lead vocalist and the driving force behind Helmet’s brutal heavy music. It’s clear why bands like Deftones, Tool, Pantera, Rise Against and others credit Helmet as a major influence. Helmet is still loud, heavy, well crafted musically and brilliant performers LIVE! They played some favorites like PureExactly What You Wanted, MilquetoastI knowGive it, and one of my favorites off the album “Betty”, an extended version of The Silver Hawaiian and yes, the album “Betty”, is 20 yrs old! What more can I say about Helmet? “In the meantime”, no better way to end what was a great set! It really did show the well established musical vocabulary Helmet has put together over the years.