Dunsmuir Featuring Neil Fallon

Dunsmuir Featuring Neil Fallon

I had the opportunity to speak to Neil Fallon who in my opinion is one of the best vocalist and lyricist in rock and heavy metal in the last 20 + years.

Neil who is better known for his with the band Clutch, he was on Revelator 172 to promote his latest project Dunsmuir. Dunsmuir features Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell), Brad Davis (Fu Manchu), and Dave Bone (The Company Band)  The band has been in the works since 2013.

Neil, talks in detail about the birth of the band and how Brad and Dave said they were going to email Vinny Appice to gauge his interest in joining the band. Neil also talks about his first meeting with Vinny and going out to LA for a few days to work on ideas for the record. He describes Vinny’s drumming as savage.

Dunsmuir’s self titled album is a concept album taking place in the 19th century. The Voyage is of scientific exploitation and the trials the crew would face along the way. Neil talks about the different approach to writing this album from a logistic stand point and the benefit of modern technology that helped make the Dunsmuir album come together, given everyone in the bands other commitments.

Aside from picking out a few favorites off the album live the bands single “Our Only Master” that can be heard at the end of the interview. Other stand out songs on the Dunsmuir album includes “What Manner of Bliss” and “Church of The Tooth”. The album as a whole is a heavy metal treasure floating at sea ready to be seized for your crew. It offers a lot both musically and lyrically.

Neil also shares some great stories about his favorite travel destinations, reading material, memorable moments on tour and artist he wishes to work with such as Tom Waits.

Dunsmuir is deep, clever, heavy albums that’s easily a play through and repeat, leaving you wanting more.

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