Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool

I welcome back CJ pierce from Drowning Pool on Revelator #177

CJ and I cover a wide range of topics including the bands recent album Hallelujah. CJ talks about the bands continued push to write heavier songs. He lays out his plan for upcoming tours and hints at another recording session for the band sometime in 2017.

The band fresh off their appearance at this year’s Chicago Open Air Festival where the band performed with 82-year-old Navy veteran and aerospace manager John Hetlinger performed his favorite karaoke track - DROWNING POOL's hit song "Bodies" - on the popular NBC competition show America's Got Talent, surprising and charming viewers everywhere. Video of the performance instantly went viral, with over 7 million views in the first two weeks.

CJ also shares a really great story about the late Dave Williams and a broken shovel. CJ joked that Dave sang and played the shovel.

See below for all confirmed DROWNING POOL tour dates, including stops on this summer's Make America Rock Again tour.


C.J. from Drowning Pool appears on Revelator #86 to talk about the 2-disc “Unlucky 13th Anniversary” deluxe edition of DROWNING POOL’s breakout platinum album Sinner.

C.J. also talks about the bands current tour and future plans for recording new material.

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