Devour The Day

Devour The Day

I’m happy to welcome back Blake from Devour The Day to Revelator #160

Blake met with me in the back of the Marathon music works before the band played the 102.9 The Buzz birthday bash with Black Stone Cherry. Blake shares some in depth talk regarding the making of the album and the meaning behind the single heard on this episode “Lighting in The Sky” and the acronym for S.O.A.R the band’s new album released April 1st. Devour The Day talked about the process of recording this album and the amazing support from their label to allow them to write the best songs and material they’ve done as a group.

Blake and I also talk about elaborate on the bands Mario go cart drinking game and why he always plays with Toad. Blake also talks about the absorbent about of sock he accumulates while on tour. Blake has lots of socks.

Snack foods are good; snack foods can also bring people together and can also be used as a substitute for go team before taking the stage or ending an interview!

Look for more great things and plenty of shows this year from Devour The Day. The band’s new album S.O.A.R Suffer Overcome and Recover is bringing the band to the forefront as one of the core artist in the rock world.

Blake from Devour The Day joins me on Revelator #127 to talk about the bands recent tours, plans for a new album and playing Knott Fest. 

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