Death Valley High Interview

Death Valley High Interview

Reyka, the found of the band Death Valley High joins me on Revelator #180 to talk about the bands newest single “Warm Bodies” and the NSFW style coming very soon.

Reyka and I talk about the bands early days and how we were holding the name Death Valley High. I was curious what the class courses would be if Death Valley high would be. Reyka said witch craft and maybe an assortment of edibles for study hall time to top off the day.

Many may recognize Reyka from his feature on the Deftones track “Lucky You”. Reyka had already known Ulrich Wild prior to this and was really excited to learn that Ulrich wanted to work with him on the making of the bands album CLVT (AS FVK). Nov. 4th is release date.

Reyka and I also talk about some of our favorite comics and the change in comedy overall based on topics from years ago compared to now. Reyka and I talk about the worst drivers in the band and I also get him to play the Harsh tag game. This sparked a great conversation about Donald Trump and the current climate of the election. #IfLifeWasAHorrorFilm #Make2016Worse

Reyka and the band will be touring the UK and hitting the states hard this fall and winter.

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