Crossing Rubicon

Crossing Rubicon

Scott Wawrzyniak from the band Crossing Rubicon joins e on Revelator #156.

Scott and I had a great off the record conversation before we got started talking about the bands newest album “No Less Than Everything”. We dig into the bands hook and melody approach to the band’s music and where his parents supported his passion for music and theater.

Scott and I also talk about his opinion and state of the industry in the rock and metal world. The interworking of bands and musicians taking over their own music and running their own labels and tours instead of large corporations.  The underground is thriving and making a living as a musician.

Scott also shares some personal stories about himself and also the importance of reaching out to a sick fan that lost his battle to cancer. It’s a great story and also a window into Scott as a person.

Many may know that Scott is getting married to former All That Remains bassist Jeanne Sagan and her joining the band.

The band just released a new video for the single “Unhinged” you’ll hear this track to close the interview on this episode of Revelator.

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