I welcome back Bishop from Crobot back to the Revelator Show #179 to talk about the band’s new album “Welcome to Fat City” and tour with Sevendust.

Bishop and I talk about the early days of crobot. He also shares some great stories while on tour, including getting members from other bands to try his guitar swing move he does on stage.

Crobot has been touring none stop since their release of “Something Supernatural”, Bishop talks about touring with Motorhead on what would be there final US tour. Crobot has been banging head and rocking out hard. The band is lead by vocalist Brandon Yeagley who Bishop praises and said “Brandon has something that you don’t see or hear all the time”. Bishop talks about Brandon’s funny videos for “Welcome To Fat City”.

Bishop hints that we is jamming with the singer for LA rock band AEGES. As of now there is nothing concrete but something could come from it down the road.

If the latest singles from Crobot’s upcoming album are any indication you can expect it to be heavy, moody and as Bishop said to have that Crobot funk shit.

Check out the band’s latest single “Plague of The Mammoths

Brandon Yaegley explains the story behind the brutal track - ""Plague of the Mammoths' is the story of the extinction of an old way of thought — it's the end of an era," he mentioned. "It started as just a title, though, and developed into a storyline of the Crobot universe. Our European tour manager, Jay Smith, mentioned something about a plague of the mammoths. We said, “F--- dude! That’s gotta be a new song title!"


Crobot interview on Motorboat by The Dead Deads

The bands are on the high seas avoiding vomit, kids and other social mishaps. The loudest boat on the high seas, the incoherent vice for all metal heads!  It’s the, “I'm more fucking metal than you are” albatross. This is a great example of what happens on the boat does not stay on the boat.

This is a very real and raw recording of the two bands enjoying some quality time together. I edited very little from this recording. I think I only edited the parts where they may or may not have been of importance. Maybe a bathroom break or 4 guys 1 shit is a new XXX rated release you’ll want to look up in your private time.

Regardless of my new found realization on what was supposed to be a great day for podcast everywhere, the International Podcast Day is not equal to the International House of Pancakes. Partly because of the wide variety of syrups and assorted toppings one could indulge while visiting said IHOP.

Well, that felt good to type out and then after reading I was wondering if I should even post this and now I’m writing about not posting it and thinking to myself…. Fuck it I’m posting it. I hope you enjoy the exclusive with The DeadDeads and the dudes from Crobot.


Bishop from the band Crobot joins me on Revelator #91 " Crobot Sauce Christmas" to talk about upcoming tours and the new album Something Supernatural" Bishop also provides some great stories and some Santa Claus impressions.

The guys sat down with the ladies from The Dead Deads while on this year’s Motorhead Motorboat:

Concert photos of Crobot at The End in Nashville

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Crobot Photos

Crobot Photos