City of The Weak Interview

City of The Weak Interview

Stef from City of The Weak joins me on Revelator #192.

Stef and I also talk about prepping holiday meal, family time with the aunts. Stef also shares her potato casserole with a vegan meat crumble. If that does not strike up your appetite then maybe hearing Stef talk about the bands brand new single& video for “Censor This” which is the first single from the band for their yet to be names debut full length LP.

Stef and the band City of The Weak have been playing none stop for about 2 years and she talks about playing live and testing out new songs in front of a crowd. She expands on having confidence performing live and evolving as a rock band. The uncertain vibe of releasing a new single that is different from their earlier music. Stef feels this new single and upcoming album is a break out movement for the band.

I caught Stef in the middle of a pre-holiday deep clean of her home so we share a few post tour and pre tour cleaning tips and taking care of her pets.

City of The Weak lead by Stef who has a really outstanding attitude and great business acumen is poised for a massive year! Stef also learned she was actually written in on the 2016 presidential election. Stef with an F 2020.

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