Bumpin Uglies interview by Jordan O'Donnell

Bumpin Uglies interview by Jordan O'Donnell



By: Jordan O’Donnell

The Bumpin Uglies are nearing ten years of existence.  A band does not achieve that kind of longevity by accident.  It becomes clear by simply reading the BAND section of the Uglies’ website there is a philosophy in play.  

In an almost Taoist manner the band downplays the concern of fitting into a particular genre and steers the focus towards appreciating the music for its positivity and energy.  Work ethic seems highly valued and approaching life with an“Eff You/Can Do” attitude is encouraged.

After a decade of releasing material and relentlessly touring this self proclaimed DIY band find themselves in a credible position to bestow knowledge.  Before taking the stage on a Monday in a freshly post CMA/Bonnaroo Nashville, The Bumpin Uglies sat down to provide three principles one can live by to achieve success; The Tao of being Ugly.

HONESTY - Brandon Hardesty (singer/guitar)

When posed with the question to name one principle he has lived by on his pathway to fronting a band for as long as he has it doesn't take long for Brandon Hardesty to produce an answer.  With a directed firmness he answers “honesty.”  

While the Uglies cross genres they find a home in the world of ska and punk music.  The expectations that plague bands that identify as members of these genres can be debilitating in various ways.  The expectations to comprise one's truth in an effort to fit within a genre can hamper an artist's growth and stifle their ability to truly connect with an audience.

Not being burdened by the demands of others and valuing honesty overall has allowed Brandon and the Uglies to grow and mature along with its audience and build a fan base around the country. PERSEVERANCE - Dave Wolf (bass)

Slept on floor, Played Shows to Bartenders.  And endured A Spinal Tap Revolving Door of Drummers.

The Bumpin Uglies have experienced all the above and more.  Founding member Dave Wolf cites a reason for the band’s success is perseverance. 

The band had to sleep on floors to get to today where they have plans coming into focus for several exciting tour opportunities.  The band has played to empty rooms and paid their dues to get to the point where they are eagerly awaiting the release of an album in September, that when each band members describes it they practically swoon.  

Then finally after bouncing through several drummers who never fit exactly right, by having perseverance the Uglies found the skill and sound of their current drummer TJ Haslett.  

HARDWORK - TJ Haslett (Drums)

Photo by: Jordan O'Donnell

Drummer TJ Haslett has known the Uglies both as a member and an outsider. Something he has always identified with the band and still does to this day is hard work.

The Bumpin Uglies have been out on the road or recording music without much signs of slowing since their inception.  The schedule ahead shows no signs of letting up.  

With one tour wrapping up, more live dates being planned throughout the end of the year and a September album release the Bumpin Uglies are seeing the rewards of their efforts.  No one ever said being the life of the party wasn't hard work.   

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