Taylor from the band Bleeker joins me on Revelator #178 to talk about the band’s debut self titled release.

Taylor and I also talk about the bands current video for “Highway” and the second version of the race car doing donuts around them while filming the video and the sweet smell of burning rubber.

Taylor shares some great stories involving sand in his travel bag, keeping up with time zones while traveling, and travel music driving from show to show.

Bleeker is getting ready to play more shows this fall with The Struts and planning on playing shows in the UK. Taylor also talks about playing with Sublime with Rome and the amazing vibe being on that tour.

Taylor and I also have some fun with #NationalWaffleDay & #QuoteAMovie.

Being in a band means doing press and interviews; some strange like the #GoldenDownerJuice question someone asked him about.

Taylor also talks about thestreet he grew up on with his brother who is also in the band and some fond memories of playing in hockey in the streets.

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