Swan from the France based band Blackrain joins me on Revelator #159 to discuss the band’s new album “Released” On this episode you’ll hear the band’s latest single “Back In Town”. Swan and I also talk about the band’s latest video and how they discovered the female lead prior to this video.

Swan shares a little background about the bands early days as a cover band that use to cover Metallica’s Kill’em All. He also talks about the bands humble beginnings recording their early albums in their home studio. The band has been together for a little over 10 years and has toured Europe and Japan with hopes of playing in the United States very soon.

The band has a new video and single Killing Me set for release April 15th.

Swan shared some great stories and perspective on his personal start into music and as a singer.

Blackrain is a movie title and Swan talks about how he found and picked the name.

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