Black Foxxes Interview

Black Foxxes Interview

Ant The drummer from the band Black Foxxes joins me on Revelator #180 to talk about the band’s debut album “I’m Not Well”.

Ant also talks about the bands excitement to be plying their first shows in the UAS this Sept.

Their every effort is audible on this naked, lacerating album: rock music that finds its power in its vulnerability that never compromises its sincerity and honesty for trying to seem pretty, to seem perfect. Listen close and you’ll hear sweat dripping from fingers and onto fret boards, and drum-sticks begin to splinter. Listen closer still, and maybe you’ll hear your own synapses trigger, your heart beat faster. This is music that wears its anguish on its sleeve, but is never enslaved by it. This is music that is heroic not in its swagger, but in the truths it contains, expressed by a rhythm section that rolls with the grace and heft of a savage tide, guitars that lash and thunder like a violent storm, and vocals that scream and howl with searing, irresistible directness. 

“I want to push music back into the public eye,” says Holley. “Good, honest music, instead of generic crap" The dream is we become the biggest band in the world, right?”

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