Andrew W.K. Interview

Andrew W.K. Interview

I welcome back Andrew WK on Revelator #187 to talk about life, travel and the content pursuit of the party.

Andrew and I also talk about his current The Power of Partying speaking tour; his first nationwide speaking tour, spanning the entire country with stops in all 50 U.S. states. Presented by The Party Party, each evening is an intimate discussion on developing a "stronger and partier point of view", and is framed as a "pep rally for the human spirit". It continues Andrew's efforts to promote and embody an optimistic look at the overwhelming intensity of life and furthers his tireless mission to defend human joy through partying. 

Andrew W.K. and I also dive into some deep topics involving personal growth, overcoming hard times and maintaining a positive uplifting attitude.

Andrew's signature rally cry. "Party Till We Die" can be found HERE. Andrew W.K.’s latest musical collaboration. Andrew hinted that his coming along with a new album and that maybe sometime late 2017.

You can catch Andrew W.K. in Nashville this Nov. 2nd and in many other great cities this fall. To see if you can party with the party machine himself check out 

Andrew W.K. on Revelator #131 September, 2015

Photos of Andrew W.K. from last September show.

I had the pleasure to sit down with the one and only Andrew W.K. I’d like to start off by saying his live show are outstanding, impactful and engaging as photographer and as an audience member. Andrew was not only kind, humble and wise. He was insightful and enlightening to speak with. There is a wise, steady vision with Andrew WK. 

Andrew W.K. is a rock’n’roll maestro and a philosopher of life. Regardless of the topics Andrew offered a metaphor of realization that provoked growth and undivided attention.

Andrew WK. and I spoke about the process of him upcoming book still in the writing process with the working title of “The Party Bible” I tried to see if I could get Andrew to give me his best televangelist impression but to no avail. He did however offer some great dialog about his musical career and desire to make new music.

Andrew WK is the life of the party, He’s the light, the beacon, the humble, well spoken dog on the blade of grass made of crystal. Welcome to the party and expand your horizon.