9 Electric

9 Electric

Mikey Lopez and the rest of the guys from 9 Electric would invite me into their home away from home while on tour with Lacuna Coil, while appearing on Revelator #171 to discuss the bands current and future plans.

Speaking of the bands home away from home the guy shared a story about the current status of their tour bus and the stuck accelerator that required a manual pull and someone turning down the RMP’s while driving the bus to slow down. A real interesting combination of man vs. machine while traveling on the high way from town to town.

Mikey and I also get into an in depth talk regarding radio and satellite radio play and the impact it has on new music.

I also dig into the bands history starting in the Los Angeles music scene and meeting and working with the late Wayne Static. Mikey talks about how Wayne rally helped them get a break in the industry as a young band really starting out. Wayne appeared on one of the bands first single “Destroy As You Go”. The guys took the time to share some real deep, personal stories about Wayne Static during the interview.

It’s always fun to talk about a wide range of topics and have the interview not feel like an interview. 9 electric has been touring like crazy and have just announce a new tour with former guest Gemini Syndrome and Stitched Up Heart for a summer tour starting on July 13th.

The band also has a new album set for release July 15th titled “The Damaged Ones” featuring the new single “New God” that you’ll hear on this episode of Revelator.

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9 Electric Interview II

9 Electric Interview II