3 Pill Morning

3 Pill Morning

Jeff Stebbins would make his 3rd. appearance to the Revelator show on Revelator #175 to discuss the bands newest album titled “Never Look Back

Jeff talks about the excitement for this album and the bands readiness to get on tour with Adelitas Way and Thousand Foot Crutch.

Vocalist Jeff Stebbins comments: "We are really stoked for people to hear the title track on the album 'Never Look Back.' It was one of the coolest songs to write, as we got to work with Charlie Scene from Hollywood Undead. He's a super talented dude and really wanted to push us into a different area with the song and really think about what we're trying to say.


"The song is about the day you die - you're looking down and did you get what you wanted out of life? How will you be remembered? Did you make an impact? I think about this a lot as we spend so much time on the road away from loved ones and I strive to be everything to everyone - great musician, a provider, a good Dad, husband, friend, etc. Am I making the right choices?


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Jeff from 3 Pill Morning is my guest on Revelator show #82. Jeff and I talk about the bands current touring schedule and future plans for recording new material for 2015.

Jeff also appears on Revelator #5 "Music Therapy and a 3 Pill Morning" to talk about the bands beginnings and the latest album "Black Tie Love Affair"