Support The Revelator Show

Support The Revelator Show

Revelator has and will remain a free site to use. Revelator has now produced hundred's of artist interviews and concert photos from musicians  all over the world.

If you enjoy the site and would like to see Revelator continue to grow as an independent media outlet, your donation would be most grateful.

All money collected will go towards the upkeep of, and overall growth of the show to reach out and gain a larger audience.

I've created a fun and interactive fan support donation platform that will include fan mentions on Twitter and on the show. You'll also be given a Revelator rank based off your contribution.

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery of all items.

Donate to Revelator

Crew- 5.00 (Revelator "Crew" status, mention on future broadcast & Revelator Pin)

Renegade-10.00 (Revelator "Renegade" Status, mention on future broadcast, Sticker)

Producer- 15.00 (Revelator "Producer" Status, mention on two future broadcast, Sticker)

Presenter- 20.00 (Revelator "Presenter "Status, mention on two future broadcast,  Sticker & 5x7 photo print)

Anchor- 40.00 (Revelator "Anchor " Status, mention on two future broadcast, Sticker & 8x10 photo print

Announcer- 50.00 (Revelator "Announcer " Status, mention on two future broadcast, , Sticker & 11x14 photo print)

Broadcaster- 100.00 (Revelator "Broadcaster" Status, mention on two future broadcast, Revelator Pin, Sticker , 16x20 photo print & Revelator T-Shirt and chance to guest interview with me on future broadcast.)

Thank you for your support and belief in me growing this independent media forum.