Daydream XI

Daydream XI

Tiago one of the founding members of Daydream XI joins me on Revelator #161 to talk about the band’s latest pledge music program and recording the bands massive double album titled “The Circus of the Tattered and Torn”

Daydream XXI Pledge Music crowd funding campaign for the new album can be found here: ( You can stream the "Painted Smile" play through video on YouTube at:

Daydream XXI is donating 5% of any money raised after the goal is reached that  will benefit The Wild Animal Sanctuary (, the world's largest carnivore sanctuary, home to hundreds of wildlife rescued from captivity.

On this episode you’ll hear the bands newest single “Keeping The Dream Alive”.

Tiago and I speak in detail about the bands history, other musical interest and future plans for the band heading into the summer of 2016 and beyond.

For more information about Daydream XXI please visit: