Clutch Live at The Marathon Music Works

Clutch Live at The Marathon Music Works

In the true spirit of the holiday season Clutch would mark Nashville as part of its annual winter tour. This would also be a closeout to the band’s “Physic Warfare Tour” that has lasted nearly two years.

Clutch would pack the newly renovated Music Marathon Works. It’s a massive room that requires an equally large sound. Who better than the Mighty Clutch to fill this space?

The 18 song set list would get jump started by long time doom metal patrons The Obsessed and the charismatic Devon Townsend Project.

Enough with the pleasantries lets explore Clutch live.

The show would start with off with the song Immortal, a classic track from the Pure Rock Fury album. I can hear the wind chimes, however many in attendance were born a Dragonfly. As Neil Fallon was handed what I believe to be a Les Paul guitar, he said “this next song is about those with poor hygiene”. They are The Soap Makers and they are working, working.

I have seen many clutch fans on this night, they escaped through the secret passage way. Neil Fallon asked “do we have any old school fan here”. The crowd goes wild of course. Clutch now spanning over multiple decades, brings a widely diverse crowd of young fans and long time fans alike. Escape From the Prison Planet, The House That Peterbilt and a tranquil rendition of Supergrass would spark way to the hopes and prayers for A Quick Death in Texas.

Dan Maines, Jean Paul Gaster and Tim Sult all blend so well together musically. The band’s sound continues to evolve. I was asked to describe Clutch and the best description I could give was its when D.C. Go-go meets black Sabbath.

Neil asked the crowd “If it’s all the say to you, we’d like to play something new for you. We will be hitting the studio in a few weeks right here in Nashville and wanted to play a few for you

Of course the answer was a yes from the crowd. Who says no to Neil Fallon about too play more songs, yet alone, new and unheard clutch songs? The song melody would include the two new songs titled Talkbox & Sonic Counselor. Clutch would follow these new sings with what Neil described as the first song they ever wrote together. Passive Restraints would get a classic rock out aggressive performance.

From this point forward it was full sail and canons loaded. The Mob Goes Wild, wild, wild after a quick adjustment of my pants and a signed government letter seals and signed.

Let’s queue up the The Regulator. An interpretation of this song, I’ve yet to hear. It really breathed new life into it, in the most unique and amazing way. Like with anything these days I bring Big News from section one, I have a Shotgun Named Marcus and for the record it’s not sawed off, for the road can be long and not for the weary, Electric Worry no more, we’ve got X-Ray Vision to guide you though. The Firebirds are here so go get them. This is Clutch and I don’t care how you see them live. I can only recommend that you do.

These photos were taken on Dec. 16th at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tn.

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