Citizen Zero

Citizen Zero

Josh LeMay the lead single of the band Citizen Zero joins me on Revelator # 176 to discuss the band’s debut album “State Of Mind.

Josh and I talk about his start into music and the early transition from drummer to singer/guitar player. Josh also talks about coming up in the Detroit area and the impact of Pop Evil and Wilson also coming from that area. Josh, talks in detail about the diverse music scene.

Josh talks about the process in recording and getting signed to Wind-Up Records. He also mentions

Citizen Zero’s new album ‘State of Mind” is a great rock album; it’s a late summer, rent a convertible, and drive to Colorado to get some edibles.

Josh talks about the early stage of naming the band and some of the fun throws away names they did not select like Alien Shore.

Citizen Zero will be touring throughout the rest of 2016 and into 2017.

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