Ryan started working in radio early fall of 1997. He started in AM radio doing sports talk and running sound boards for satellite feeds. Within the first year Ryan was rewarded with his very first show with 100% creative power over its content. So, the seed was planted, and the egg hatched .The growing process had begun. The show’s original working title was “The Unsigned Hour”. The show featured local musicians talking about sports and also talking about their music. This gave listeners a different view of the sports world and also allowed the bands/groups to have a forum for their music to be heard. This original working concept would only withstand about 6 months of on air action before the station was sold and a format change saw the show come to an end.

This was just the beginning of Ryan’s radio career. He attended the Ohio Center for Broadcasting near Cleveland, Ohio. There he would receive his foundation education and be under the study of radio greats such as Jeff Sack and the late Bruce Ryan. With their tutelage, Ryan would learn the craft of broadcasting while developing into a solid on-air talent and learning the inner workings of the radio business. 

After graduation from OCB, Ryan would land back in the AM radio pool doing mornings for a jazz station known for playing music memories. Here, he did the AM show for over a year. They pulled him off air one Friday morning to work a sell-off of burial plots, a buy one, get one promotion. He knew then it was time to lay this gig to rest. Ryan would finally break into FM radio, and he kicked off the 2000’s with his new 7-12pm spot, labeled Fun Night Time Radio. This is where Ryan would begin his first real comedy bits, writings and character voices.

Radio has seen a lot of changes over the years, and the way we communicate has changed as well. In January 2011, Ryan, with help from, would revive the Unsigned Show, like a phoenix from the ash.  Ryan knew Unsigned needed a different brand, an expansion, a reconstruction, a new beginning, a fresh make over and in March of 2013 Revelator was created. The passion to perfect and hone his skills as a broadcaster and an entertainer are clearly heard. The Revelator Show, headed by Ryan, are ready to be an independent voice for your world of artist interviews, music, movies and a brand of comedy that might make you wonder just how he is really wired.

After 142 shows on the network, Ryan is taking a new direction. has arrived. What does this mean? What can you expect? Well, one thing’s for sure the artist interviews and discovery of new music will carry on!  The laughs and comedy bits will spill out like Harry Caray at a Friday night Karaoke. The conversational interviews, news stories and overall personality will still shine through.  Things are changing in the radio and music industry. Regardless of your views, one thing’s for sure Ryan will provide exceptional, well crafted, informative and entertaining radio.

Welcome to Revelator! It gets harder to enjoy the finer things in life, until next time do so.