American Opera

While waiting for bands and artist to come join the press area on a rainy Nashville Warped tour, Revelator guest interviewer Daisy Dead noticed and was able to stop John Bee from  the group American Opera for an on the fly interview.

Like any good interview on a rainy day I start off with slip & slide talk and his early start into music. John shared a cool story about his brother getting him interested in playing guitar because of him playing old Weezer albums growing up.

John plays many instruments like drums, Bass and guitar but he does not play horns, strings or female vocals.

American Opera has a really pretty and deliberate ode to US Airways that John wrote when someone from the airlines stole his guitar while traveling to Atlanta to record his album. (Gibson Humming bird) US Airways refused to replace his guitar  until they started getting bad pres from his song being featured on Huffington post.

American Opera have recently released a new single Jack pine.  American Opera lifts you up, turns you around with passionate lyrical substance embodying the precision of intelligence, harmony and equally matches anything you’ve heard in any genre of music.  John Bee and American Opera is refined song writing at its best.

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