The guys from 3PM join me on Revelator while traveling to Arizona for Warped tour. We covered a wide range of topics as well as the bands continued growing catalog of music including their newest single “OverDrive” that you can hear at the end of the interview.

The guys Brandon, Brennan and Scott get asked a lot about the band’s name 3PM and where, how they it came up with it, and what it stands for. I regret to say I was also unable to get them to share this info with me.

So as I said during the interview which you can hear below . I created the top five ways they picked the band name 3PM and the top five things 3PM could stand for.

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Top 5 ways they came up with 3PM:

1.       The guys from 3PM enjoyed the early 90’s New Zealand children's show hosted by Suzy Cato.

2.       3pm once tried their hand in Project management and instead of selling their Project management profolio they created a band instead

3.       The members of the band really enjoy basketball and while playing in high school when they made 3 pointers they would yell 3PM BABY!

4.       3PM is the best time of day to fish for Electric Eel in the Philippines.

5.    They really like having lunch at 3pm.

Top 5 things 3PM may stand for:

1.       3 Prime Ministers

2.       3 Point Makers

3.       Third Person Milfs

4.       3 Practical Merchants

5.       3 pornstar manifestos


Formed in the summer of 2012 in Baltimore, MD, 3PM created their own melodic, fresh pop punk / pop rock sound. Though 3PM’s member’s musical beginnings started long before 2012.

An energetic, young group, their attitudes and outlook on life show through in their catchy and upbeat lyrics

The founding member, Brandon’s career in music began when he was 8 years old.  Taking up the drums at a young age and never looking back.   Throughout his early life, Brandon received extensive training in Rock, Jazz, African, and marching snare styles.  In 2011 Brandon began forming what is now 3PM.  Using everything at his disposal to find like-minded people, he first met Scott, a much younger but no less talented pop punker.

Scott had no choice to fall in love with the pop punk and classic rock genre.  Scott picked up the guitar at 11 and has pushed himself to excel.  He took formal lessons for a short while, but being in 3PM has given him the opportunity for his skills to skyrocket.

Together the two began writing, forming a lasting friendship, and searching for the completing element of 3PM.  They found that in Brennan Stark, the most tenacious musician, having dreamed of being a rock star since he could talk.  Together, the trio began their musical adventure.