Disturbed: Evolution Tour at Bridgestone Arena - Nashville

Disturbed: Evolution Tour at Bridgestone Arena - Nashville

 Disturbed would bring their Evolution tour to Nashville’s Bridgestone area. This is the bands first appearance in music city in nearly three years.

The anticipation of Disturbed’s entrance to the stage was prominent. The energy inside the house better known as Smashville was electrifying. The house lights went dim the massive LCD screen would flash images from the bands past, and phrases of music’s power, unity and inclusion would set the atmosphere for this evening.

When music is the weapon, music is the cure. When music is the weapon,we are all indestructible. When music is the weapon, you must believe in the cause.

This was the intro to what would be a 19 song set list. An emotional journey no one could have expected or predicted but it was something that would leave its indelible impression on many in the audience.

Are you Ready? Get up! Get Up! This is Disturbed, Evolution. Prayer, let me enlighten you, this is the way I pray. Living isn’t hard enough. Bringing the flames, too burn the Vengeful One. For judgment falls upon you at first light, Free The Animal inside. Stupify! Who can’t tell the difference and get Stupifid. Now baby don’t deny me a Dan Donegan, ferocious, shredding solo.

Voices, Wake up, are you alive? Will you listen to me? I’m gonna talk about some freaky shit now. Too many men, too many people, too many problems, we are living in the Land of Confusion. David Draimen would address the raucous crowd, dead center stage with the band draped in candle light.

David Draiman who’s always been out spoken would deliver it straight saying. “We’ve lost a lot of people way too soon. I still miss them, Chris Cornell, Scott Wieland, and Prince. I miss them all”

In one of the most emotional moments, this solidarity witnessed. David Draiman would ask the lighting tech to “light up this crowd”. Then he asked “who here has struggled with depression and or addiction?” “Raise your hand right now” Thousands raised their hands, including me. See said David “You’re not alone”, “You are not alone”, “and Do whatever you have to do to help someone who’s in need. Don’t wait until you’re standing in front of their casket and say, I wish I would of done more” Shake them up from their slumber, slap them in the face, if you have too”. Drag them if you have too, do whatever you have to,  to help your brothers and sisters. We are all in this together” “We wrote this next song to share our memories with you”.

Hold On To Memories featured old footage from Disturbs tours long past with many of our fallen and loved musicians including the late Vinny Paul, Dime Bag Darrel, Chris Cornell and far too many to mention.

Suicide prevention line: 1-800-273-8255

Addiction hotline- 1-800-662-4357

There were many tears, in many eyes including mine. Strangers hugged and cheered wildly throughout the arena. This was a true sign of empathy, compassion and virtue we need more of.

With an emotional connection as deep as this, the new step was the thunderous drum and bass solo by John Moyer and Dan Wengren. Let’s rise! 10,000 Fist in the air, power unrestrained and dead on the mark. This is The Game, A Reason To Fight, I’ll Watch You Burn for this Sound of Silence with flaming piano and David Draiman’s bravado and  powerful vocals, filling the Bridgestone arena, now we’re Indestructible and Inside The Fire.

Disturbed’s encore would bring upon The Light, then Stricken all who defend the lies. No more will we stand by. When we get Down With The Sickness we all survive .oh, ah, ah, ah!


Ryan The Rev.




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