Tenacious D Live at Ascend  Amphitheater- Nashville

Tenacious D Live at Ascend Amphitheater- Nashville

The greatest rock band that ever was or ever will be, took the stage on a hot and muggy night in music city. Jack Black would take the stage out from the shadows of Ascend Amphitheater, fresh off his Third Man Records recording session with Jack White.

Mr. Jack Black holding a glowing orb. The JB-JR-Rap battle was on. The orb was tossed to the side because it was Woman Time. With everything going on somehow Tenacious D finds time to Save The World with music. This Post Apocalpto Theme and the sun had set, Jack Black would ask the crowd who liked the pic of destiny? the crowd roared! Jack Black said well, where the hell were you all when the movie came out? That thing was a bomb. Have no fear for the D would rise again, from the ash, the pic of destiny was just a minor hiccup. The Rize of the Fenix, for this forbidden Low Hanging Fruit was too sweet to not quench the never-ending desire to play the Sax-A-Boom. Jack Black said I will play this bubbling sax until all you M-Fers, dance. I mean everyone will dance. The Roadies, Throwdown as the D would enter its POD. It's important to say, Dude, I Totally Miss You. Let’s rock, Lets jam this Kickapoo because the final showdown with Beelzeboss was upon us. Kyle's hopes and dreams were riding on Jack Black's ability to defeat Satan. Yes, you’re fucked, shit out of luck. There’s was no way in hell the D was going to hell.

Tenacious D would save its soul with That Metal & Dio. The rainbow in the dark, a full Tribute feating a drum solo, light guy solo and of course Jack Black breaking into Black Sabbaths War Pigs. A hint of double bass, and then a Double Team

 Not much to say when you're high above the mucky-muck

 Yeah, Wonder Boy.

 Now it's time for me to tell you about Young Nastyman

 Arch rival and nemesis of Wonderboy,

 With powers comparable to Wonderboy

 What powers you ask?

 I dunno how 'bout the power of flight?

 The Tenacious D would close out the greatest rock show that ever was or will be with Fuck Gently perhaps the most underrated wedding dance song in the history of weddings. Ladies & gentlemen I give you Tenacious D in music city.

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