Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings Live at The Cannery Ballroom

Duff McKagan & Shooter Jennings Live at The Cannery Ballroom

These photos were taken on 6/8/19 in Nashville at the Cannery Ballroom.

I think when this show was first announced and schedule to take place on the biggest night during the CMA fest in Nashville many were not sure what to expect from Duff & Shooter live.

Duff McKagan’s album “Tenderness” had not even been release yet. Well, for those who bought the tickets and attended this show ,they were treated to a full set from Shooter Jennings and his world class band of musicians. Shooter and his band would also join Duff on stage for a headlining set that featured about 6 or 7 songs from Duffs Tenderness album. It was a musical journey of emotional songs offering depth and reflection. Duff and Shooter intertwine outlaw country meets rock in a soundscape seldom captured in today’s musical landscape . The flow and energy from Duff and Shooter on stage was seamless. They would also cover a Clash song and a riveting rendition of Mad Season’s “River of Deceit”.

Duff is James Dean cool. He transitioned from acoustic guitar, to electric guitar and back a few times. He was even standing on the security wall shedding ear piercing notes through out the night in some of the best jam sessions you could hope to hear live anywhere. A true music city night!

I had the chance to speak with Chuck Garric who’s Alice Cooper’s long time bassist after the show and he said man I loved this show. I bought a t-shirt, the record and I’m emailing Duff to tell him how much I loved it. SO there ya have it! Duff & Shooter live is a can’t miss. Lets hope for more shows in 2019 & 2020.

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