Rivals Live at The Exit In

These photos were taken on June 25 in Nashville,Tennessee at the historic exit in. The band rivals is fronted by Kalie Wolfe. Kalie’s vocal capacity and unbelievable range was really something to hear live. She also might have the best head banging hair whip of anyone I’ve seen in recent memory.

The band also displayed some outstanding percussion ensemble when all the members of the band put on a drumming showcase. Seeing bands like Rivals are always fantastic to see these days considering so many bands are using tracking and other means to put on a live show. You won’t see any of that with the Rivals. The Band is a great blend of rock, metal and pop. You put that with Kalie’s unbelievable vocal performance and energy on stages and you’ve got yourself a truly enjoyable live experience with Rivals.

New Year’s Day at The Exit In

New Year’s Day at The Exit In

Digital Brains Live at The Mercy Lounge