Joyous Wolf Interview

Nick Reese the lead vocalist from the band Joyous Wolf joined me on Revelator #236 to talk about his experience on this year’s 2018 edition of Ship-rocked.

Nick and I also talk in depth about the bands new music set for sometime mid 2018.

This part is dedicated to our conversation that will be removed from the record and only Nic and I will ever know the conversation. Ha, sorry it was at his request and I am honoring said request.

Nick did however humor me and shared some of his vocal impersonations.  Nick's impression of Chemical Romance and Blink 182's vocalist among others was really entertaining.


Joyous Wolf the name generator word jumbles fit into the band’s sound and drives for making really quality music. The bands first single heard on this episode titled Mountain Man is a nice introduction to the band’s sound.

A gritty howl opens Joyous Wolfs debut LP, Enigma, and it’s the perfect introduction since the band plays rock & roll at its most primal and passionate. Guitarist Blake Allards bluesy riffs harken back to the classic hard rock of AC/DC, Cream and Deep Purple while still packing a thoroughly modern wallop, while front man Nick Reese’s voice seems to come from deep in his gut as he sings about everything from warring kingdoms to a tribute to a fallen friend. Together, with bassist Greg Braccio and drummer Robert Sodaro, Joyous Wolfs members work together to create some of the most exciting, promising and unwieldy back-to- basics rock to come out of Southern California in recent years.

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