The Glorious Sons March 4th. The Birth To Burial Tour.

The Glorious Sons March 4th. The Birth To Burial Tour.

These photos of The Glorious Sons were taken on March 4th at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The panic stricken reports on the local news stations urged us to stay at home because the winter weather will bring rain, sleet and a dusting of snow, and temperatures slightly below freezing. The cold white winter hand of death was coming for us all. Go buy milk, bread and your post apocalyptic survival kit for this 2 day winter blast.

The Birth To Burial tour was also in town featuring Knoxville, Tennessee rockers 10 Years. The tour was originally a four band line up but former Revelator show guest Luminoth had to leave the tour because their drummer, Paul broke his elbow mid way though the tour.

You can hear interview with Luminoth here: Revelator #11 Luminoth to a Flame

Starting off the night was the Canada based band, The Glorious Sons. They brought a hard and heavy dose of groove, soul and passion to the crowd, willing the audience into frenzy. The Glorious Sons were infectious and won the crowd over.  They performed a wild, relentless, out spoken and honest set that featured a great mix of what the band has to offer musically. The lead singer Bret Emmons showed off his vocal power and his melodic tones with tracks like “Heavy”, “White Noise”, and the deep, layered song “Ruby”. At one point he broke out a harmonica to jam out a song that had a lot of meaning to him. I don’t recall the song but it had something to do with someone leaving in a blue Toyota.

Bret was pumping up the crowd for much of the set and at one point went on a little bit of a rant about the music industry. I agreed with about all he said in regards to people in the industry who don’t write their own songs make the most money. “The half time Super Bowl show featuring Katie Perry and her multi-million dollar halftime production did not even have her sing her own songs live”. Hey! Rock & Roll is alive! It’s not on life support. You have to be willing to go out and find the passion, the sound and the rebellious nature that’s inside your heart.  If you’re tired of the garbage, the watered down, same old tired song, go out and find something the moves you.

Bret also made a comment early in the set about being from a place that does not shut down at the first site of snow or as they call it in Nashville, “weather”.

The Glorious Son’s are a band I didn’t know a lot about heading into the evening but a band I really enjoyed. The live performance was exciting, passionate and dare I say, fucking glorious!

The Glorious Sons October 1st. The Contenders Tour

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