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Revelator Show 223; Fell For Cherry Bombs

Revelator Show 223; Fell For Cherry Bombs

On this episode of Revelator I’m welcome music guests The Fell & The Cherry Bombs. This week in Revelator history features music from former guests Nothing More, Red Sun Rising, Death Valley High and The Black Foxxes. I’ll also cover the top movies, week two in the NFL and much more.

You can also check out my Slayer photos & review along with concert photos of Lamb of God. You can also check out a guest writer album review written by Brian Fair from Shadows Fall on the Lamb of God album “VII: STURM UND DRANG”


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This week in Revelator History:

This week I’ll look back at three different Revelator shows starting with Revelator episode #78. On this episode of Revelator I welcome lead vocalist Johnny Hawkins from the band Nothing More. This show marks the first of many visits from the Nothing More camp. The band is set to release their newest album titled “The Stories We Tell Our Selves” The album has already produced several hits including the mega hit “Go To War”. On this episode we will one of the bands first breakout songs “Jenny”

On Revelator episode #130 in this week in Revelator History I look back on the origins of the Polyester Zeal with lead singer Mike Protich from the band Red Sun Rising. Red Sun Rising over a very short time has taken the music world by storm. The band is currently working on a follow up from there debut album. On this episode you’ll hear the bands single “Emotionless”

The last show we will visit this weekis Revelator Show #180. This episode we will look at two very different artist. The first coming from the UK called The Black Foxxes and the LA based band Death Valley High.

The Black Foxxes are working on their second album currently. On this episode of Revelator we will hear the bands first single “I’m Not Well”.

Death Valley High has spent much of 2016/2017 touring overseas in the UK and also were direct support for another former guest 9 Electric. We will hear the bands single “Warm Body's”

This week’s guests:

The Fell:

Cherry Bombs:

Revelator Show 222: The Lower Side Of Uptown

Revelator Show 222: The Lower Side Of Uptown