Revelator Year in Review 2015

Revelator Year in Review 2015

It’s been a very interesting and rewarding year for the Revelator Show. I’ve interviewed over 125 bands, artist or models not including the countless photographs and concerts I’ve attended. I also produced, edited and hosted over 55 shows not including the 2015 Vans Warped Tour coverage. It’s always hard to look back at so much material and categorize it into a small capsule to fit the year that was.

I’m also including my top 15 I mean 25 photos from 2015. I’ve photographed a lot of bands so picking only 15 would not do me or the many artist justice to 25 photos was the hard cut off. Looking through these photographs was really fun and selecting these images from the past year made it also very challenging.

Top Revelator Concert Photos from 2015

Revelator 2015 a year in Review


So I’ll start with the month of January and move along from there. The year started off with Revelator Show #93 titled Booyahh! The Red Light Districtand closed with Revelator #96 Romantic Rebel’s of the Flyleaf

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for January-The WhereaboutsDon’t Bring Me Down


Heading into February the show would approach it’s 100th episode but not before featuring some of the best rock and metal acts like Nothing More,  10 YearsHell Yeah, and CGOY 2014 Elizabeth Marx

The Revelator 100th show would feature the outspoken Rick Dejesus from Adelitas Way and Jay from the band Johnny Wore Black.

The 100th Revelator show blog also features a really seductive photo gallery from the “Cabin Fever Burlesque Show” I photographed.  Feel free to take a look at these photos unless of course you can’t stand half naked empowered women. If that’s the case you have stumbled on this review by mistake and should stop reading.

Revelator Ryan’s Song pick for FebruaryJohnny Wore BlackFirefly


The month of March would start with the only show all year where I would not have a guest. The show was titled “Almost” To be honest I’ve forgotten about this show and there is a good chance many of you did as well. I could not tell you the name of the band that stood me up.  The blog feature however did feature photos from the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash here:

Even though March did not start off how I wanted it too. The month would bring in some really great artists and a wide range of styles from Little Foot Long FootFirst DecreeSleepWave, Full Devil Jacket and Seeking Irony.

Revelator Ryan’s Song pick for MarchSleepwaveThe Wolf


April is one of my favorite months. The spring season is in full swing; my Birthday month and this past year showcased the wide spectrum of music on the show. With guests like CrazytownLocal H The Nearly Dead’sLucid Fly and adult film actress’Tia Cyrus and Karen Fisher.

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for April- Lucid Fly- In This Ocean


The month of May would see a dramatic increase of guest and photo opportunities. Mark Tremonti would start a jam packed month of guests that would also include SabatonKiss Me DeadlyTemperance Movement, and Asheria, on a massive double show  titled Kiss me Deadly Temperance Part I & II.

I also featured Nashville artist Jasmine Cain whom I’ve become pretty good friends with since our first interview. Closing out the month with up and coming artist December In Red and Nu-Metal heavy weight Coal Chamber.

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for MayDecember In RedSend Me A Postcard


Late spring and summer would feature some amazing guests and photos. I also was able to cover 2015’s Vans Warped Tour covering over 16 band interviews and photos with the help of Daisy Dead from the Dead Deads who also appear on Revelator 118 titled “The Melvin’s & The Dead Deads Roman Candle Emporium

June and July on Revelator features a few of the best indie artist of 2015 including Diamante,Radiodrone, The Dead Deads, and Everlit. These 2 months also include the return of the band FailureP.O.D and newly formed group Saint Asonia. If that was not enough musical flow don’t forget the unique blend of artist like This Wild LifeIslanderForever At Last, and From Ashes To New.

There is no way to forget the sexy, luscious and curvy Nikki Delano who appears on Revelator #119 Chapter I: The Luscious Nikki Diaries. If that does not warm you up then you may want to check yourself for a pulse.

Revelator Ryan’s song picks for June & July:DiamanteBite Your KissIslanderNew Wave


I could not think of a better band to start the dog days of summer month than with the resurgence of Finger Eleven and Texas based metal band Torche. Along with these very strong acts the month of August would provide some really fun and entertaining interviews with Devour The DayThe Sun Flower DeadNight Argent and Beautiful Bodies.  August would also feature two Nashville artists the Mos. Brothers and the return of Jasmine Cain.

For those who do follow me on Twitter you know I tweet a lot but I’m no bird. This guest has a flock of Jay Birds who enjoy her on screen provocative films. The busty and voluptuous Sara Jay joins me to Revelator #126 to talk about her fans, travels and favorites desires.

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for August:  TorcheAnnihilation Affair


To start the month off with a triple feature with three different independent artists is always a mark that showcases the origins of the show’s early inception. Revelator #129 is a great representation of that with great bands like Leader In The ClubhouseKrash Karma and the return of First Decree.

The month would continue to feature some high quality independent artist like QUORLullwater and Bridge To Grace. I also was able to sit down with the well spoken and wise Andrew WK and one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure to interview Teri Gender Benter on Revelator #133

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for SeptemberFirst DecreeLost In The Crowd


The high seas would deliver some really great material from my newly recruited Revelator Correspondents,Meta, Hella, Billy, Betty and Daisy Dead from The Dead Deads who rocked the Motorhead Motorboat and found some time to talk with Crobot & Motor Sister.

Motörhead's Motörboat Exclusive: Slick Tacos & Gas Bags

Motörhead's Motörboat Exclusive: Motor Sister

The remainder of Oct. & Nov. would showcase some heavy hitters fromthe rock and metal world like Corrosion of ConformityPusciferGemini SyndromeLike A Storm, and Nothing More.

Of course in true Revelator Show fashion I enjoy finding new and emerging bands. These shows from October & November feature great artist like RavenEyeAdakainKillset,All Them Witches, and The Glorious Sons.

Nothing beats a Black Friday Mosh Pit especially when it brings out the metal core fan inside all of us featuring Come and Rest&Next To None

What else goes well with a heavy dose of rock and metal? The blond bombshell, the outspoken and ultra sexy Sarah Vandella that’s who!

Needless to say the Revelator show was on full roar approaching the month of December.

Revelator Ryan’s Song picks for October & November

RavenEyeBreaking Out

All Them Witches-Dirty Preachers


A month that featured the return of Clint Lowery from Sevendust to the show and other musical guest like CrowbarSeptember MourningRed Sun Rising and the care free smooth styling’s of the Hollywood Undead.

The yearly Christmas show featured the highly awarded, hottest MILF anyone could want to get a hold of the one and only Nine Elle. I suggest checking out her interview because some things never go out of season.

Revelator Ryan’s song pick for December- CrowbarWalk With Knowledge Wisely

It hard to believe the year has gone so fast. Things said at an alarming rate this time of year. The holiday season can be a really exciting time but also stressful.

I’ve always found this time of year to offer a profound prospective. I think we get caught up in being so busy with this and that, the rear view mirror, fast paced ways of the world. Didn’t the song go like this? It’s a long December and there is reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last? There’s a positive undertone for thinking that way for each day of the year.

There are a lot of people to thank first off the readers and listeners of the Revelator Show. Thanks for including me as part of your entertainment.

I’d like to take this time to mention a few people who’ve been major supporters of me this year. My family is always the first and I thank you for the support you’ve shown this year and believing in what I’m doing even when I had second thoughts about it.

I’d like to thank Daisy Dead & the Dead Deads for their friendship and support, Jen Silver for her mentioning and knowledge of the music business. Paula Herron for being willing to make edits to some articles I’ve written. I should bother you more with this.

Thanks to Monica Seide, Ed Bunker, Rob Evanoff, Tom George, and Erika Icon for the continued support & access. I also hope everyone had enjoyed the addition of Chris Garrett and his photography to the site. Chris has done some great work in a short time for Revelator.  Look for more from him in the New Year.  There are many others to thank but again too many to list and this review is now over 1500 words.

This has been the Revelator year in Review! Here’s to another year of interviews, reviews, photos and kick ass music for 2016. Make sure to check out Revelator Year in Review podcast featuring all my song selections.


Cheers,-Revelator Ryan

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