Poynte Interview & Guest Writer Album Reviews

Poynte Interview & Guest Writer Album Reviews


Ben from Poynte joins me on Revelator #190 to discuss the bands plans for 2017 and working on new material.

Ben and I talk about the struggle when trying to fall asleep and having thoughts in your head and needing to write or record the words in your head.

We also discuss his late night driving music for the other band members while driving on tour. Dream Pillows not included but the neck roll pillow is a must.

Ben also shares some fun road stories while on tour this summer with Sons of Texas  and making their singe almost vomit on stage with a banana. Remember kids to snack healthy while on tour.

The band Poynte will be writing and putting together new material and looking to expand their musical style.

Ben explains in detail about the bands diverse writing styles with all members of the band. While creating tension over their writing styles they find a common ground of compromise. He also hints at a new single & video coming soon for the song “Villain

Ben and I also talk about this musical back ground and his major influence Primus.

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