Ghost Live at Marathon Music Works

Ghost Live at Marathon Music Works

The Grammy award winning metal band Ghost would storm into Nashville on a cool spring evening to provide those in attendance a much needed jolt of enlightened music. Ghost, live on stage, up close was captivating, majestic and also provided humorous verbal banter with the crowd. "We can come together" if you know what I mean.

The outfits, lights and masked ghouls are a nice touch to the bands on stage persona. The vocal prowess and masterful musicianship across the board from the drums, keyboard, guitar and bass is really what separates Ghost from many acts.

You could take someone to see Ghost who knows nothing about the music and I can guarantee they will leave the show in awe. They'll be thoroughly entertained.

Ghost live is an experience, an event to take in. Ghost is a band you'll never forget seeing live and they perform at a superior level.

These photos were taken at Marathon Music Works on May 2nd, 2016.