Message From Sylvia Interview

Message From Sylvia Interview

Dane Lopez from Message From Sylvia formally from the band First Decree joins me on Revelator Show #192. Dane talks about the transition this year regarding the departure of First Decree vocalist Travis to working with their new vocalist Matthew Nevitt.

Dane shares a cool story behind how they got the band name while Matthew was our for a jog on Sylvia street where they were recording.

Dane mentions he enjoys listening to podcast while traveling on tour.. Hmmm, Revelator on the list?

Message From Sylvia is set for its yet to be titled debut LP for spring of 2017. On this episode you’ll hear the bands first single “ Heart of War”

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Dane making his third appearance on the Revelator show. If you’d like to hear older shows Dane has been a part of check out.

Dane was also a guest writer and wrote a great review of the debut album by Red Sun Rising

Dane from the band First Decree joins me a second time on Revelator #129 to talk about the band’s new album "Lift To Rise" and current tour with Avatar & Gemini Syndrome.

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