Message From Sylvia Interview

Message From Sylvia Interview

Message make their return on the Revelator show  #208: Message from Annandale: The Damn Truth Vol. 3

Matt from MFS joins me on Revelator #208 to discuss the band’s debut release. You’ll also hear the bands hit new single “Heart Of War”. Matt talks about joining the band. He also talks about writing with the Lopez brother and how fluid and enjoyable it was writing this album. Matt added he was excited to have a fresh outlook and the bad being a completely new beginning when he joined them.

MFS is gearing up for a very busy touring season this spring and summer of 2017 starting May 12th. We also talk about Isaac’s cooking skills while on the road and other of the bands pledge music campaign pledges.

Matt and I also talk about Dickface Johnson aliases from a man in Florida who label himself as such. Matt and I come up with a few of our own we would use for a just in case scenario

Matt and I also talk about the NBA Playoffs and who will be in the Finals come this June.

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Dane from Message From Sylvia also appears on Revelator show 192

Dane was also a guest writer and wrote a great review of the debut album byRed Sun Rising

Dane from the band First Decree joins me a second time on Revelator #129 to talk about the band’s new album "Lift To Rise" and current tour with Avatar & Gemini Syndrome.

 First Decree join me on Revelator #102 to talk about their new album and upcoming tour this spring 2015 with Alien Ant Farm.

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