American Grim Interview

American Grim Interview

Ryan the founder and singer of the band American Grim joins me on Revelator #203 to discuss the band’s debut album titled “Freak show” and the bands touring plans for 2017

Ryan and I also talk about media outlets, the internet and Playboy magazine going back to nude models.

We also talk about the impact digital media has had on the music industry and the flip of physical CD’s and digital downloads.

American Grim has just finished up a tour. Ryan talks about playing the bands new songs in front of crowds and meeting fans from all over the country.

American Grim’s newest video for “Burn Hollywood” is a wild scene of sword wallowing, ax swinging debauchery. Ryan talks about the TV smashing scene and the band looking to record lots of videos to showcase each song on the album.

American Grim is taking a punk rock approach in regard to the band as a whole and will continue to make videos and tour like mad men for 2017 and beyond.

Ryan and I also touch on some sensitive topics like drug abuse, healthcare and the band willingness to speak on topics many choose not to bring up.

American Grim will be kicking off a new headlining tour in my old stomping grounds of Cleveland, Ohio.

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