Saving Abel

Saving Abel

Eric the bassist from Saving Abel appears on Revelator #178 to talk about the band’s latest single “15 Minutes of Fame

Eric talks about the band’s willingness to meet and greet fans while on tour. He also shared some favorite moments and wild things he’s seen on stage including a woman crowd surfing who was lactating. #MilkMaidCrowdSurfer.

Saving Abel’s new single shows the bands growth musically. Eric mentions that the single is a little more edgy than the bands previous work.

Saving Abel is on the Make America Rock Again Tour with Trapt, Saliva, 12 Stones, Alien Ant Farm and Tantric. Eric talks about the joy with being able to tour with bands you know and respect. Eric deflects some details on the afterhour’s parties but there are some laughs and drinks had.

The band is looking to finish the year strong touring before recording new material. Eric says the band is always writing and working on new material.

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